5 Reasons to Drive an Electric Car: It’s Your Turn

It’s been a long time since you stopped being surprised when you see an electric car in the city or outside, right? A more sustainable world, a cleaner environment, and a better future are possible thanks to the increasingly widespread use of electric cars. So when will you own an electric car? From quietness to efficiency, from performance to accessibility, these five reasons to drive an electric car will help clear your doubts.

A Sustainable World

Electric cars are the best solution for sustainable transportation. Because, aside from eliminating the gas emission and air pollution caused by internal combustion cars, they produce longer-term and sustainable solutions for the environment. According to data from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, electric motors can convert 59% to 62% of the energy used into motion, while this ratio remains in the 17% to 21% band for fuel-powered engines. When you charge your electric car at home, especially with renewable energy sources, its contribution to sustainability increases even more. On the other hand, many brands, including BMW, Jaguar, and MINI, are setting more radical targets every year to minimize the carbon footprint of electric cars, including during the procurement, production, and distribution stages, moreover, each year they slightly increase the percentage of electric cars among all their models. They increase more.

Thanks to the Bluedot Advertiser program, brands support the charging process of electric car users and contribute to the ecosystem for a more livable world by carbon offset.


Don’t be surprised when you start driving an electric car, the engine is running! The sound of the engine, which is balanced when the gas is pressed for the first time in electric cars, promises an extremely quiet journey. In addition to the silence of the car, you can feel the power in your fingers thanks to the instantaneously responsive torque, and you can reach the speed you want as soon as you press the pedal. The batteries that provide the power are located on the floor of the car, providing perfect balance and weight distribution. Electric cars provide ideal comfort for city driving, a journey without engine noise, a peaceful, quiet, and comfortable driving pleasure. On your long journeys, the sound of the engine is taken over by the rustling of leaves on the forest roads, the chirping of birds, and the sound of waves from the coastal roads.

Get ready for a quiet future, quiet highways! It is possible to say that electric cars promise silence not only for you sitting in the driver’s seat but also for the people around you and those sharing the same city with you.


Do you think electric cars or fuel-powered cars are better in terms of performance and speed? If your answer is not in favor of electric cars, you may have been fooled by the quietness of the engine or the comfort of driving and underestimated their performance. Today, electric cars can reach the speed of fuel-powered cars, even higher than them, and accelerate faster. Since electric cars have far fewer parts in their engine compared to the internal combustion engines of fuel cars, the transmission of power through these parts to the wheels occurs much faster, which means more torque and much faster acceleration. Electric car engines have fewer moving parts, which also helps parts last longer, make maintenance easier and reduce maintenance costs.


Although environmental awareness and sustainability are of great importance to you, whether a quiet and comfortable drive is appealing to you, or you do not doubt its performance and efficiency, the range of electric cars may make you hesitate. However, the investments made in this field in recent years, the new technologies developed, and of course the spread of electric cars and charging points have come to a level enough to eliminate the concerns on this issue. Electric cars are now preferred not only for urban use, but also for long distances. The results of the research help those who want to buy an electric car but have questions about range: Test drives with some new electric car models reveal how much energy is spent on long distances at different constant speeds and what is the approximate range. For example, in an intercity journey where the speed is fixed at 110 km/h with the BMW iX3, an average of 17.5 kWh energy is consumed per 100 km, and the range reaches 457 km with a full battery. Moreover, when it falls below this speed, the range can go up to 479km. The same values ​​are determined for the Jaguar I-PACE, with a range of 379 km, consuming 23.7 kWh of energy per 100 km. With the MINI SE, a range of 180-190km at a constant speed of 110km/h, and a range of 225km in the city at a maximum speed of 88km/h was achieved. This means that it is enough for a person who travels an average of 30 km a day to charge the MINI SE every 5 days.

What about charging stations? Assuming that an average driver travels 40 to 90 km in the city, you can arrive at your home without the need to stop by a station in urban transportation and charge your car’s battery at home. It is very normal if you want to make sure that there are enough charging stations on your route before you go on a long journey. Worries about this issue are decreasing day by day because as the number of electric cars increases, the number of charging stations on intercity roads is also increasing. While there were less than 2500 charging stations in Europe in 2011, this number exceeded 190 thousand in 2020. The number of charging stations is increasing in Turkey as well. While in 2011 there were only 20 charging stations in big cities, in 2020, more than 2000 charging stations are in service, including intercity routes. While planning your trip, you can download Bluedot to find the nearest charging stations on your route, or during your journey, you can even shop near the charging station and get cashback.

Knowing that electric cars can be charged in the comfort of home with very simple methods, promising high performance and a comfortable and quiet driving experience, and perhaps most importantly, how many benefits they have for a sustainable future and seeing the urban and extra-urban ranges you can reach, you can also add an electric vehicle to your life. You will see how advantageous it will be to insert a car!

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