About Us

The number of electric cars is increasing every day and it’s unquestionable that they are the future of roads, yet the charging eco-system is kind of like stuck in the past with lots of apps and cards and ineffective charging solutions for end-users.
By capturing even a small percentage of this $54B market, we will bring tremendous value to our customers and build a multi-billion dollar business that works for the future of sustainable mobility.
Bluedot is the answer to a lot of questions we’ve been asking ourselves:
-What do we want our cities to look like in the future – and for our children?
-How do we design an experience that has all the benefits of owning a charger, without the annoyances and drawbacks of current solutions?
-Who will use the charger in the future?

Let’s shape the answers to these questions together! We want to create the future of EV charging together with you, therefore, we are happy to get your feedback, questions, and ideas.

The values charging us


Enthusiasm and the ability to help us speed our growth are far more important to us than your CV. We concentrate on what people need to do rather than what they need to have. Putting learning in the first place then we can create a better environment.


In everything we do, we strive to be human. To care and win over the hearts of our customers and partners.


Diversity is a cornerstone of who we are and what we do. For us, diversity means collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds to create the best solutions for our clients, and also increasing our creativity and knowledge by working with people from a wide range of sectors.


We are committed to transparency in everything we do. From the technology and information we develop to the way we engage with our customers and partners, every aspect of our work is designed around openness and authenticity.

Our Story

Bluedot is dedicated to providing smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for smart cities and SME owners. We redefine the EV driver experience and reshape the way private and corporate fleet companies join the e-mobility movement. To make our dream real we are introducing innovative and profitable charging infrastructure for businesses of all sizes and engaging EV drivers with service providers.

We’re always looking for new peers to move us to the next level of future sustainability!