Are We Near the Tipping Point for Mass Electric Vehicle Adoption?

California has approved an ambitious mandate for all new car sales to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035

The new federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes a bunch of tax credits for purchasing both new and used EVs. It also extends and expands credits for installing charging stations (up to $100,000 for commercial applications!).

Meanwhile, automakers are planning to roll out a huge variety of new electric cars. Not just Tesla and Rivian, but GM, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, the list goes on …

Every day, the news seems to show that we may be turning the corner in the widespread transition to electric driving. It’s an exciting time to be in e-mobility. And at Bluedot, we’re here for it! 

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Some Pieces of the EV Adoption Puzzle Still Need to Fall in Place

For one thing, the long-term impact of California’s new rule isn’t yet clear. Will other states follow suit? Will the state’s electric infrastructure, so strained by recent heat waves, be able to handle the additional power load of millions of EVs? 

For another, the new federal tax credits come with all sorts of restrictions – including buyer income limits and requirements that the vehicles and their batteries are substantially USA-made – that dramatically reduce the number and types of EVs that qualify.

Then there’s the question of whether the automakers will follow through on their promises to manufacture millions more electric models … or get cold feet while struggling through supply chain issues or witnessing the ongoing financial struggles of electric startups like Canoo

Even with these issues, electric vehicles are having a banner year, with big jumps in sales for major brands. Record high gas prices have probably helped this trend. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens as prices at the pump continue to drop back. 

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Solving Public EV Charging Convenience and Profitability

Perhaps the biggest barrier to EV adoption – and the one we’re most dedicated to here at Bluedot – is the public charging experience. Simply put, we don’t have nearly enough stations yet for all these new electric cars (range anxiety is all too real!). 

What about the limited charging stations we already have? They sometimes leave customers frustrated by unpredictable pricing. And despite numerous federal, state and local installation incentives, business owners often worry that the equipment isn’t worth their investment.

At Bluedot, we’re working hard to help solve these problems making the charging experience easier and more rewarding for drivers (and more profitable for businesses, too). For example, did you know our debit card gives drivers flat-fee charging of $0.30/kWh at all public chargers in California? Sign up here

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