Future EV charging
is seamless, rewarding, and


Instantly find nearby public charging stations and pay less. Collect Oxygen Points for every minute you charge at a station and shopping in the nearby locations. Get exclusive offers from restaurants, cafes, and retailers.


    Charge and Earn!


    1. Find and confirm the spot where you charge or eat in Bluedot App.

    2. Continue to pay as usual.

    3. Send your receipt to us.

    4 . Earn Oxygen Points


    1. Charge Back

    Charge anywhere you want and get Oxygen Points for every minute you are charging.


    2. Eat’n Charge

    Do not wait your car to be charged. Get exclusive offers from nearby places and have something to drink/eat. Earn Oxygen Points every time you go a nearby place.


    3. Shop’n Charge

    Shop and charge the car at the same time to get rewards. Do not wait for your car to be charged without doing anything.

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      ✅ We do not keep track of your credit card information.

      ✅ Bluedot does not store any credit card information. Banking information is stored with Braintree, which is the leading banking vault, backed by a highly secure tokenization system.