How Electric Car Buyers Decide

A big shift is underway in the automobile market. Driven partly by environmental concerns, many drivers are now considering electric vehicles. 

However, only a few brands are already strongly associated with electric vehicles, according to the study by the market research firm Teads and the advertising platform Kantar. And many consumers still don’t realize how green EVs can be. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to communicate with consumers about EVs—and to ensure that they remain relevant as the EV revolution continues. 

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Teads found that consumers are increasingly relying on digital, and this is especially true for electric vehicle (EV) buyers. Half of EV consumers would consider going through the entire purchasing process online, while 74% of them will continue this trend post-Covid. From this research, we also found something interesting: potential EV customers are affected by news sites rather than social media. They also like short, relevant, skippable video ads in their decision journey. The automotive market is quite responsive to digital ads. Ninety percent of consumers are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, and 85% of overall car buyers took action as a result of online advertising.

An automaker’s website is the most popular starting point for Electric Vehicle (EV) research, with 49% of potential EV buyers visiting the site before visiting a dealership. The website is also one of the most influential sources of purchase decisions, with 80% of EV buyers saying that the website impacts their final decision.

Furthermore, campaigns should focus on advanced technology as those searching for electric vehicles are 76% more likely to value top tech over those who are looking for standard fuel vehicles.

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The bottom line? Electric vehicle drivers love technology and prefer to find information online. That’s why Bluedot is such a good fit with EV drivers. They can be sure they’ll never regret ditching the gas pump thanks to multiple locations where they can charge and earn points at the same time. All they have to do is download Bluedot and start earning with their purchases.

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