How to Find the Best Electric Vehicle?

If you’re an EV enthusiast and planning to buy an electric vehicle, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision. You can have an electric vehicle by creating a plan with a few steps on how to charge your electric vehicle from your motivation for use.

Here are some of the tips you may consider before owning an electric vehicle: 

Decide for what purpose you want to own an EV.

Today there are more than 200 models of EVs globally and most of them are HEV and PHEV models. There are fewer models for all-electric vehicles (AEV) /battery electric vehicles( BEV). It is rather easier to drive HEVs and PHEVs for long distances because there is no or less dependency to charge the car. However, you need to charge your EV if you want to drive more than your EV’s range if it is a BEV. That’s why BEV owners need to plan their long-distance trips in a detailed way regarding the stops where they find reliable public chargers. On the other hand, it is quite easy to drive an all-electric vehicle in urban areas. There are more options for you to charge your EV in a  charging station near your office, home, or fitness center. 

Make a Plan How to Charge Your EV

You have additional options for charging your electric vehicle at a charging station near your office, home, or fitness center. 

Level 1 Charger 

Your electric car comes with a charging cable that you may put into any wall outlet in your house if you own it. You may charge your EV the same way you charge your phone. Your electric car battery, on the other hand, is far larger than a smartphone battery. (Bluedot estimates that charging the Hyundai Kona for 5 kilometers will take an hour.)

Level 2 Charger

Consider installing a Level 2 charger if you require a speedier charge at home. Bluedot can assist you in locating top-selling chargers for less than $600. (On a Level 2 charger, the Hyundai Kona below charges from empty to full in 9 hours.)

Public Charging 

Fast charging is accessible in most areas if you need to charge while away from home. These stations can be found in retail malls, parks, and parking garages. After achieving an 80 percent charge, the charging speed will drop to protect the battery. You may look up public chargers near you on the Bluedot app. 

Be Aware of the Range 

According to a AAA survey, 57 percent of Americans are concerned about running out of battery power in an electric vehicle. However, 95% of EV drivers claim to have never run out of power. It may be better to plan your trip before you set off to avoid range anxiety. There is a  free tool we suggest that can help you out about it:

Bluedot is the first reward program exclusively for EV drivers. Adapting to new customer needs, we created the world’s first all-in-one marketing tool for charge points. If you are an EV driver or to be an EV driver you are always welcome to discover the best charging experience with Bluedot.

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