How to Seize the Day During Public Charging Time

Sure, most people prefer to charge their electric vehicle at home. But eventually, you’re going to use an EV charging station.

In fact, nearly a quarter of electric car drivers use public level 2 charging stations once a week or more, according to a study by CleanTechnica.

The question is, if you’re going to have to plug in somewhere, how are you going to pass the time at the charging point?

You might as well look at it as a chance to do something productive, pleasurable … or both! 

Studies show that many EV owners want to be able to do something worthwhile with their charging time. Many cite grocery store visits, dining, and shopping as the most preferred activities while energizing their batteries.

Here are the top five suggestions from our team: 

  • Shop – Many of your favorite retailers are now adding charging points in their parking lots.
  • Sip – There’s an ever-increasing chance you’ll find a Starbucks in the vicinity of a charger.
  • Stretch – Find a park nearby for some rejuvenating exercises.
  • Stroll – Get some fresh air and explore the neighborhood.
  • Sleep – No reason you can’t recharge your internal battery while your car is charging.

The good news is that, with many more electric vehicle charging stations in the planning, you should soon have many more choices for places to charge and things to do nearby. Even better news: You don’t have to search “charging stations near me” to see your options anymore. 

You can easily find places to charge and nearby things to do anytime with the Bluedot App. Plus get special discounts and earn cash back while your car charges. Now, that’s taking charge of your charge time! 

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