Planning an EV road trip

Ways to maximize your range & reduce range-anxiety

As an EV owner, planning a road trip can take a few extra steps, such as figuring out where chargers will be along the trip, and making sure that they are functioning well so you don’t waste your time and energy. To alleviate some of the stress, we have put together some tips to make sure you can maximize your range and reduce range-anxiety by knowing where to charge in advance!

  1. Maximize your range
  • Pack your car lightly: heavier the car, the faster the vehicle’s energy consumption. Also, avoid using a roof rack as this just adds more weight to your EV. 
  • Drive with 5 mph cut off from the maximum speed limit if possible and drive smoothly: no hard acceleration! 
  • Try to use less of climate control- roll down the window if you want cool air, or limit to seat-warmers during the colder season. 
  • Eco mode on, Sport mode off- a basic go-to for saving energy 🙂 
  1. Reduce your range-anxiety by seeing where chargers are located throughout the road
  • Plan your charging route! See where the nearest charging points are located along your road trip and have them saved in your map. You can easily pinpoint the charging stations and nearby grocery stores (use them as your rest stops!) wherever you are with our Bluedot app! 
  • Have backup plans in case you discover your “planned” charging spots are all taken. See where the next closest shopping malls or restaurants are at since many charging stations will be located nearby. 
  • Sticking next to urban areas can ease some of the stress since it is much easier to find chargers in major cities than at a cornfield. 
  • Keep in mind, in case of emergency there may be houses nearby with at-home chargers which you can ask help for. Who knows, you can make some new friends in the EV community along the way! 

Because so many factors can affect your driving range, it can sometimes be hard to predict how long your EV can last before it is too late. So to reduce the anxiety, we are constantly adding more pins of charging stations and nearby stores for rest stops on the map no matter where you are at, so you can take more friends and luggages with you without having to worry about the next charging stop. Our Bluedot’s in-app map has your back!

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