Install a charging station at your location!

We provide charging station owners with state-of-the-art management tools. Engage EV drivers, reduce downtime and earn revenue from your charging.  


Built for everyone

We help businesses install and manage their charging stations. Get a charging station without an initial cost, and electrify your business with Bluedot.


Increase traffic

Drivers will explore your location, and more people will find your business to charge their cars.


Maximize dwell time

As you increase dwell time, you will increase the amount of money people spend in your store.


Focus on customer loyalty

Having an EV charging unit on your premises is a great way of showing that you are committed to green initiatives.

What we offer

• Turnkey, free charging station solution according to the needs of your business with only a monthly fee.

• Consulting on station pricing and payment system integration.

• Monthly reports and analysis.


Who can benefit

Retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants are some of the many businesses that can benefit from our charging solutions. One thing to watch out for is the “parking lot”. In order to install a charging station, you must have a proper parking lot for your customers.

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