Still on the Fence about Buying an Electric Car? 6 Reasons to Go for It!

At Bluedot, we believe everyone should be looking at EVs for their next vehicle purchase or lease. And yet many people still hesitate, whether it’s due to the often higher upfront costs of electric cars, unfamiliarity with the EV driving experience or some other reason. But the truth is there’s never been a better time to buy and drive electric. Here are 6 reasons why.

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1-) Cut fuel costs.

If you drive a gas-powered car, you’ve probably been grinding your teeth over skyrocketing prices at the pump. They’re high enough now that charging an EV in California costs about half what it takes to gas up an ICE vehicle to go the same distance.

With electrics, many people can charge EVs overnight at home at low off-peak rates. Even if you can’t do that, public charging stations are increasingly easy to find across California. (Btw, you can always find the nearest public charger in the Bluedot app, and enjoy flat-fee charging with Bluedot Card!)

2-) Save on maintenance.

No oil changes or spark plug replacements. Way fewer moving parts that can break. And regenerative braking that extends the life of your brake pads. Just a few of the reasons electric cars come with lower upkeep costs.

In fact, when you combine the maintenance and fuel savings, you can save up to $10,000 by owning an EV instead of an ICE car over the life of the vehicle.

3-) Get money back on your purchase.

It’s true that the suggested retail price of many EVs remains higher than comparable gas-powered cars.

But this gap is shrinking. And there are all kinds of tax credits and rebates available today (including federal money to offset the cost of a Level 2 home charger installation).

Find some ways to save on your new EV by location on this interactive map.

4-) Enjoy the ride.

Ask any EV owner: Driving electric is a blast. You get nearly instant acceleration and awesome handling with minimized rollover risk.

Then there’s the overall look and feel of today’s EVs, including sleek interiors, state-of-the-art electronics and panoramic views. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve fast-forwarded to the future in an electric car.

5-) Speed up your commute.

Did you know solo drivers in electric cars can take most carpool/HOV lanes in California? It’s true!

Environmental impact of e-cars: Is it really that good?

6-) Make a positive environmental impact.

Driving a zero-emissions EV means cutting your contribution to smog and greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Even when battery manufacturing is taken into account, electric cars produce up to 68% lower CO2 emissions during their lifespan than ICE vehicles.

So why would you not buy an EV for your next set of wheels? When you do, be sure to get Bluedot. You’ll save money and earn rewards for driving, charging and shopping nearby. Sign up here!

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