What is range anxiety ?

You’re out and about in your electric vehicle, when you notice your battery is getting low. You look around, but no charging stations are in sight. You start to sweat. Your pulse quickens. You’re now suffering from range anxiety. It’s a condition affecting thousands of EV drivers, and one of the primary roadblocks to electrifying our transportation system. According to studies, the lack of charging facilities and driving range are the two main reasons why people do not consider electric vehicles when purchasing a new car.

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Of course, even in a gasoline-powered car, you can experience range anxiety when the fuel level drops too low and you can’t find a gas station. If you’ve ever run out of gas in your vehicle, you know how terrifying it feels as the engine sputters to a halt and you coast to the shoulder. We know that range anxiety for gas-powered vehicles is still the case if we think about the last gas shortages we saw in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. It’s quite interesting that even in 2022, these problems are still happening.

How serious is the problem?

Findings from one study conducted in 2019 show that range anxiety is common. Despite knowing the benefits of driving an EV, 69 percent of motorists in the UK are put off from switching due to a perceived lack of EV charging infrastructure, according to a Venson survey.

The survey also revealed that low battery range is still a hurdle for 57 percent of people surveyed when it comes to considering buying an electric vehicle.

Maybe the biggest reason for range anxiety is the lack of reliable charging networks. Besides the problem of finding a reliable charging station, waiting for other cars to charge your own car at popular charging points is another hassle that EV owners often experience. Encouraging businesses to install electric vehicle charging stations in public places–and supporting them when they do–is one of the solutions for range anxiety. More charging stations in public spaces means people will worry less.

range anxiety

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