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The energy you seek is now blue!

Why Is the Bluedot Special?

Easy to use

The charging unit was easy to find, pay and make reservations. You can find the charging unit in 5 steps, you can realize the payment and reservation.

Powerful Design

When redirecting to the charging station, the user always has a high design when paying or booking.


You can check your charging history, earn money by sharing your charger in your home. We're only for you, your car and the charger.

Your Blue for Finding Charging Unit

Bluedot is a mobile application which enables owners of electric cars to reach the charging station, make reservation and payment transactions, and it allows the owners of the charger to generate revenue with the shared income model by showing the units they have on the map.

Why Bluedot App?

Awesome Experience

You can find the nearest charging unit and compare the prices.

Fast and Simple

Bluedot facilitates the to find charging units, paying and making reservations process; users can finalize the whole process within a minute.

Be Inclusive

Each charging unit brands can be visualized individually in the map.

Perfect Design

BluedotApp is user friendly with clean, simple and strong lines.

Make Money

Charging unit owners can earn money by sharing their charging units.

Any Suggestion?

We love listening to your feedback and suggestions. If you are looking for anything support or technical related, please contact us.





App Screenshots

“ As Google, We enjoy supporting and collaborating with Bluedot in the field of energy and smart cities. ”


Google Government Relation Manager

“ Bluedot has a young and dynamic team who is going to change the rules of the game in this ecosystem. As an Entrepreneurship Foundation, we gladly support them. ”


Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation

“ Bluedot, which we support as TEHAD and Electric Hybrid Cars, is welcoming the electric car users in the digital world with the mobile application for them. ”


TEHAD and Electric Hybrid Cars

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co-founder & CEO

Selinay Filiz Parlak

co-founder & COO

Furkan Ali YALÇIN

co-founder & CMO

Ahmet Mesut KOÇ

Product Developer

Cerensu Dertli

Digital Marketing Manager

Berkay Uğur Şenocak

Software Developer

Soner Say

Software Developer