One card to charge them all.

Now you can charge and earn rewards on EV driving with a single card. 
Track all your EV expenses and earn cash back wherever you spend.

Be one of the first in line for
Bluedot Visa® Debit Card.

Save money on your EV charging with
Bluedot. Get the Bluedot Visa® Debit Card to use
at all DC and Level 2 stations.

Smart charging

Charge back

Checking & Analytics

Link your accounts, track all your charging activities.

Charge up and earn 10%
cash back.


All DC Fast Chargers
in One Single Card.

Save time, save money, and enjoy the convenience. Bluedot card works at over 1000 public charging stations in California.

$260 EVgo
Transfer to EVgo


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- $99

Earn more while you get more done.

Run errands. Grab a bite. Earn cash back all along the way.

Discover. Charge.
Spend. Earn.

Charging takes time. If you shop while charging your car, you can earn up to 20% cash back from nearby places.

Start saving
Up to 12%
Up to 5%
Up to 10%
JD Sports
Up to 5%

Earn cash
back as
you spend

Discover great offers at your favorite shops, restaurants and museums while charging.

Cashback available!

Promo codes found!


Easier rewards. Breathe it in.

Earn Oxygen Points while driving, charging and shopping.

Enjoy your Oxygen Points. You've
earned it!

Enjoy your Oxygen Points. You've
earned it!

Not just on
charging, but
parking, insurance,
car washes and
more, too.

Your smart driving companion

Driving electric
is rewarding.
Earn Oxygen
Points on every
mile you drive.

240 miles travelled

24 OP earned

Bring your best bud and fetch more cash back.

All DC Fast Chargers in One Single Card.

Life’s better with furry friends along for the ride.

Earn Oxygen Points on every pet-pleasing
purchase – from toys to treats to chews and more
– with Bluedot Card.


What’s good for the planet should be good for your wallet.

Driving electric yields climate, health, and economic benefits and we are here to accelerate the transition.

Track and offset your carbon footprint while driving and charging with Bluedot.

240 miles travelled

Carbon Offset

We are committed to reduce more and more.

We are committed to reduce more and more.
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