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Charge and earn rewards on EV driving with a single card. Track all your EV expenses and earn cash back wherever you spend.

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Charging Stations

Find stations, check availability and get up to 20% cash back.

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Nearby Stores

Charging takes time -so use it wisely. Shop while you charge and earn up to 20% cash back from nearby places.

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Oxygen Points & Cash Out

Earn Oxygen Points while driving, charging and shopping – then cash them out. Or redeem your points as you wish in the Oxygen Store.

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No need for other EV apps

We've thought of everything EV owners might need. With the Bluedot app, you can safely make all your charging sessions, payments and other EV spending.

Great deals everywhere you look

Earn up to 20% cash back on charging. And while you're at it, get the best offers and more cash back from nearby stores.

A better world for the future

Driving an EV is more environmentally friendly. We strive to make driving electric easier and more rewarding for all.

Pricing you can count on

Public charging can be expensive. That's why we created our $0.30 kWh flat fee policy at all stations for Bluedot Card owners.

Always with you

Connect with us anytime about
anything you need via live chat.

The proof is in the praise

Bluedot has been featured in

4.3 star rating

The Bluedot app is one of the best apps to receive cash back for all things related to your EV expenses, along with additional cash back on other items and shopping. You also get to lock in your rate per kilowatt hour, along with 20% cashback on all charging. Highly recommend.

I use the Bluedot Card because it gives better cash back rates than my credit cards. I’m getting rewarded for the tasks I do daily, like driving an EV, paying for insurance, and making purchases, which is fantastic!

I’ve really enjoyed using Bluedot so far. The charging map is great and makes it easy for me to drive without worrying. I love that I can pay a flat fee at any charging station and pay without having to download numerous apps. Saves me money and time! I hope they continue expanding features.

Very good app

Driving the future together

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